Friday, 17 May 2013

Letter To Our Birthday Boy

Dearest Rayhan, 
Do you know what day is today? Today is YOUR BIRTHDAY! 
"Happy 1 year old old Birthday darling! "
And do you know what we should do today?
We should thank Allah more today.. 
Because Allah gives both of us chance to kiss , to hug each other more, to stroke your soft hair, to touch mummy's face,  to play with your brother, to laugh with daddy, to bath with mummy, to cry searching for mummy, to sleep with u , to hold you closed to my heart and hear your breath..and continue breastfeed you more and more.. 
Dearest Rayhan,
Our 1 year journey is so wonderful that I don't know how to put into words.. 
This early morning I was browsing through all your pictures and I cried  How time really fly! You have bring such joy to us. Thank you Rayhan.. thank you ... 
Birthday : 18th May 2013/ 11.32 am/ 2.6kgThe journey of breastfeeding you is so unforgettable.You've always tried your very best to latch on my breast and suck but you chocked. It's okay, at least you tried and never give up without knowing yourself being a Down Syndrome with a Cleft Palate. YOU DID IT!

We can never forget your very first smile..
I screamed with joy and tears
 and quickly telephoned daddy to tell him this great news!
You have went trough many occupational therapies
to make you stronger to roll over for first time.

People hardly understand why mommy always cry
whenever you STRUGGLED  to keep your head high and strong!
You sit and fall backward many times just to get it right..

Nothing can bring us more joy than waiting for you to start your first crawl.
After 9 months..YOU finally DID IT!

Our 10 months of waiting has ended.. Thank God, you finally get your Cleft repaired!
You didn't even cry after 2 hours operation!
Rayhan, you are such a strong boy!

Your first enjoyable meal without chocking.
Such a wonderful moment!

Standing is not easy..
but you've LEARNT and WORKED HARD to stand even just a second!
and YES, you've break the record yesterday for standing more than 5 minutes!

My dear Rayhan, 
I pray hard that Allah gives us health and long life so we can continue enjoy this marvelous moment together. 
I pray hard that you will forever stay strong and never ever let anybody look down on you. Never ever let anyone sympathize you.

You've got to aim high, stay firm and believe in GOD. 

Do you know Dr. Karen Gaffney who is a long-distance swimmer, advocate, receives doctorate of human letters.  She is also having Down Syndrome.. just like you.  
You Can Do It!  Yes, YOU CAN!!

Dearest Rayhan,
Promise me.. 
Promise me.. 
Promise me..

Don't ever give up.. never ever give up hope. 


My wish has granted for breastfeeding you for a year but now I wish to breastfeed you FOREVER..

Again you have make us so proud of you. Having you is like heaven.. 

Thank you Allah.. for this wonderful 1 year journey and we pray many more years to come. 


Indeed you're so PERFECT! 

Tuesday, 15 January 2013

Exercise To Strengthen Muscles During Pregnancy

Frankly speaking, I hardly remember doing a proper exercise during my pregnancies. I only remembered myself walking up and down stairs at my office and home, do washing and cleaning. Ya, I know that's not a proper exercise.. but i just couldn't find a perfect time to do so. Hmmm... perhaps i was just LAZY! ya.. lazy people give 1001 excuses isn't it. Hehe.. 

Recently i've read about few basic exercises which can help to increase our strength and flexibility during pregnant. It only takes about 10 minutes per day! EASY and FAST! However, do check with a qualified prenatal exercise instructor if you are unsure about doing the exercises correctly ya. 

Abdominal muscles

Before beginning the pelvic tilt and sit-ups exercises, review the following information on separation of the abdominal muscles. During pregnancy, it is important to check for advanced separation of the abdominal muscles in order to avoid any further separation.

Pelvic tilt
This exercise is very important because it is the building block of good posture. It also strengthens your abdominal and back muscles, decreasing back strain and fatigue. Practice it often.


Kegel exercises tone the pubococcygeal (PC) muscle. This is the muscle you use to stop and start the flow of urine. Exercising this muscle helps prevent hemorrhoids, supports your growing baby, assists during and after labor, keeps the muscles of the vagina toned, and may increase sexual pleasure for you and your partner.

Learn to isolate this PC muscle by stopping the flow of urine a few times. Use this technique only to locate the muscle. Do not exercise the muscle this way as it may lead to a urinary tract infection. Another way to locate the muscle is to put your clean finger in the opening of your vagina and tighten. By feeling the muscle tighten around your finger you will know you are doing the exercises correctly.

Calf stretch

This is a good exercise to do before going to bed if you are bothered by leg cramps at night.


I like the Kegel's exercise. I'll do this most of them time as it helps to "menguatkan otot2 vagina" and 'merapatkan' and increase sexual pleasure! MUST TRY THIS YA! hehe. Do try out those exercises, eat healthy food, drink lots of water and stay positive! 

Have a Happy and joyful Pregnancy Ladies!

Sunday, 13 January 2013

Kehebatan Advanced Joint Health Tablet

Halooo everybody! Aiyoo sudah 1 minggu i tak update blog. I've been so busy these days.. My New Year has been a great start where Mami Awesome has successfully gain bonus 4 income! Yes dear, Bonus 4 angka ya. Alhamdulillah. All thanks to you mommies and daddy for supporting Shaklee all these long. Sememangnya supplement Shaklee memang best! Now that i've got more 'downline' thus, I have to spend time coaching them. I'll share more on this some other time ya. 

For today, i'll like to share on this month's promotion product which is AJHT. Bukan Anugerah Juara Tahunan is Advanced Joint Health Tablet. Ramai mommy beli AJT ini untuk hadiahkan kepada kedua-dua orang tua. Memang berbaloi! 

Jom baca apa yang best sangat AJT ini:

Q : Apakah Shaklee Advanced Joint Health Tablet?
A : Shaklee Advanced Joint Health Tablet ialah formulasi proprietary yang menampilkan kombinasi bahan-bahan yang amat berkesan, yang dapat menyokong pergerakan, kelenturan sendi dan fungsi sendi yang sihat. Ia dihasilkan dari ramuan aktif yang bertindak dengan pantas bagi menyokong makanan kesihatan yang diperlukan oleh sendi-sendi.

Q: Siapakah yang memerlukan khasiat Shaklee Advanced Joint Health Tablet?
A : Lelaki dan wanita dewasa yang mencari satu produk semulajadi dalam mengekalkan kesihatan sendi mereka. Orang muda yagn mempunyai gaya hidup lasak dan aktif juga boleh memanfaatkannya.

Q: Apakah ekstrak jagung?
A : Ekstrak jagung secara semulajadinya kaya dengan glucosamine yang merupakan gula amino dan merupakan blok binaan utama bagi proteoglikan. Ia digunakan untuk membina tulang rawan dan lendir bagi melincirkan sesendi. Glukosamina mengandungi bahan yang juga dijumpai dalam tendon dan ligament. Ekstrak jagung membantu meningkatkan perlindungan sesendi dan membantu memelihara tulang rawan untuk kesihatan sendi dalam jangka masa panjang.

Q: Apakah Boswellia ?
A: Boswellia merupakan gum resin dari pokok Boswellia Serrata. Bahan aktif utama ekstrak Boswellia serrata ialah asid boswelik (AKBA, asid 3-asetil-11-keto-beta-boswelik) yang berfungsi sebagai anti-radang semulajadi.

Q: Apakah yang membuat ekstrak Boswellia dalam Shaklee Advanced Joint Health Tablet istimewa?
A: Ekstrak Boswellia proprietari yang digunakan di dalam Shaklee Advanced Joint Health Tablet bukan sahaja mengandungi asid Boswelik AKBA yang berkepekatan tinggi bagi menyokong keselesaan sendi tetapi juga mengandungi unsur-unsur semulajadi lain dalam resin Boswellia yang berkaitrapat dalam memberikan bioaktiviti yang lebih baik berbanding dengan AKBA sahaja. Tambahan pula, ekstrak Boswellia tertentu ini telah ditunjukkan secara nutrisinya dapat menyokong keselesaaan sendi yang lebih baik berbanding satu ekstrak AKBA yang lebih tinggi.

Q: Bolehkah saya mengambil Shaklee Advanced Joint Health Tablet dan OsteMatrix pada masa yang sama?
Boleh. Tiada sebab mengapa anda tidak boleh mendapatkan khasiat kedua-dua product yang dapat menyokong kesihatan sendi anda. Lebih baik lagi anda gabungkan Shaklee Collagen Powder dan VIVIX bagi mengoptimumkan khasiat Shaklee Advanced Joint Health Tablet

Q : Bila dan bagaimanakah saya mahu menggunakan Shaklee Advanced Joint Health Tablet?
A : Untuk hasil yang terbaik, ambillah mengikut apa yang disarankan iaitu dua tablet sehari bagi setiap hidangan.

Q: Mengapakah ia bebas daripada chondroitin?
A : Shaklee Advanced Joint Health Tablet tidak mengandungi sulfat kondroitin kerana ia tidak akan diserap dengan baik jika diambil secara oral ( ditelan). Penyelidikan baru-baru ini menunjukkan yang sulfat chondroitin juga boleh mengganggu penyerapan ekstrak jagung dan glukosamina yang lazimnya diserap dengan lebih baik jika diambil secara berasingan.

Q: Mengapa produk tersebut mengandungi Vitamin C?
A : Shaklee Advanced Joint Health Tablet menyumbang Nilai Harian 100% Vitamin C kerana ia merupakan nutrient penting yang diperlukan bagi sintesis kolagen.Kolagen merupakan satu komponen tulang rawan dan juga tisu-tisu penghubung yang lain di dalam tubuh.

Q: Mengapa produk tersebut mengandungi mineral surih zink, copper (kuprum/ tembaga) dan mangan?
A : Shaklee Advanced Joint Health Tablet menyumbang Nilai Harian 10% mineral zurih zink, copper dan mangan yang merupakan faktor sampingan bagi enzim-enzim yang membina kolagen dan glikosaminoglikan.

Q: Adalah Shaklee Advanced Joint Health Tablet berasaskan sayur-sayuran?
A : Ya.

*Sumber info di petik daripada booklet Shaklee Advanced Joint Health Tablet

Memandangkan ada promosi buy 6 FREE 1 untuk AJHT ini, jom hadiahkan kepada kedua-dua orang tua kita dan ayah serta mak mertua kita ya. :) 

Untuk mendapatkan Advanced Joint Health Tablet ,sila hubungi saya di:

Call : 019-2323298


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Friday, 4 January 2013

Successful Chinese Breastfeeding Mothers ~Stocked 200oz EBM

Happy New Year everybody! I am so blessed to have experienced an awesome 2012! Alhamdulillah, great achievement for us. Date 18.05.2012 marked a history with many beautiful memories especially struggling to breastfeed my Down Syndrome and Cleft Palate son after he was born. Now Rayhan is 7 months old and he is still 100% breastfeed. 

I remembered a Malay friend of mine once told me : "Hey Husna, I tengok tak ramai Chinese mothers yang suka breastfeed anak kan" I was very naive in breastfeeding those days and i agreed with her. But now looking at my own success and many other Chinese mothers who successfully breastfeed their babies exclusively for the first 6months, I proudly say to my Malay friends "Sekarang sudah ramai Chinese mothers pandai breastfeed baby dan boleh simpan stok EBM". 

Now a days many new Chinese mothers are more aware of health benefits of breastfeeding for mothers and babies. Take a look at this great testimonial which i've read from Shaklee's Today Magazine Vol5 /2012. 

Testimonial sharing from Tai Mei Git :

Before Consuming Shaklee Product
I am an Insurance clerk. When I had my first son, I did not take any Shakle products. My elder son was mostly formula fed and only at times that I breastfeed him. I often felt very tired after my delivery. I came to know about Shaklee through my upline, Master Wong Sook Pin. She recommended Shaklee products to me and shared on how to consume these products. I was very conscious about my health and wanted to improve my condition after my first delivery. Last year, when I planned my second child, I consulted Master Wong Sook Pin on what products to consume during pregnancy and after delivery. I took Shaklee products religiously every day

After Consuming Shaklee Products
My second child is now 10 months old. He is fully breastfeed and is very healthy compared to other child of his age. I have about 200 bottles of breast milk stocked up i the freezer and i am able to pump about 5 bottles (average 5oz. each) of bresast milk daily. During my confinement, I was able to express about 11oz. Moreover, I recovered fast from my delivery and feel more energetic. Even my friends in the confinement center are amazed with my health condition especially after deliver. I want to take this opportunity to gratify my appreciation to Master Wong Sook Pin and thanks to Shaklee for giving us such premium products. 


Moreover, 95% of my customers are Chinese!! And most of them are working mothers and successful breastfeeding their babies too. Salute soldier babe!

Here is another successful testimonial from mommy May Loh who has been taking breastfeeding SET 3M. 

This clearly prove that we, Chinese mommies are aware of the benefits of breastfeeding for mothers and our babies (bunyi macam debat pulak! hehe). Hopefully we can educate more Chinese new mommies out there! Ciayu! Ciayu! 

Untuk mencuba Set Penyusuan SET 3M ,sila hubungi saya di:

Call : 019-2323298


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