Friday, 4 January 2013

Successful Chinese Breastfeeding Mothers ~Stocked 200oz EBM

Happy New Year everybody! I am so blessed to have experienced an awesome 2012! Alhamdulillah, great achievement for us. Date 18.05.2012 marked a history with many beautiful memories especially struggling to breastfeed my Down Syndrome and Cleft Palate son after he was born. Now Rayhan is 7 months old and he is still 100% breastfeed. 

I remembered a Malay friend of mine once told me : "Hey Husna, I tengok tak ramai Chinese mothers yang suka breastfeed anak kan" I was very naive in breastfeeding those days and i agreed with her. But now looking at my own success and many other Chinese mothers who successfully breastfeed their babies exclusively for the first 6months, I proudly say to my Malay friends "Sekarang sudah ramai Chinese mothers pandai breastfeed baby dan boleh simpan stok EBM". 

Now a days many new Chinese mothers are more aware of health benefits of breastfeeding for mothers and babies. Take a look at this great testimonial which i've read from Shaklee's Today Magazine Vol5 /2012. 

Testimonial sharing from Tai Mei Git :

Before Consuming Shaklee Product
I am an Insurance clerk. When I had my first son, I did not take any Shakle products. My elder son was mostly formula fed and only at times that I breastfeed him. I often felt very tired after my delivery. I came to know about Shaklee through my upline, Master Wong Sook Pin. She recommended Shaklee products to me and shared on how to consume these products. I was very conscious about my health and wanted to improve my condition after my first delivery. Last year, when I planned my second child, I consulted Master Wong Sook Pin on what products to consume during pregnancy and after delivery. I took Shaklee products religiously every day

After Consuming Shaklee Products
My second child is now 10 months old. He is fully breastfeed and is very healthy compared to other child of his age. I have about 200 bottles of breast milk stocked up i the freezer and i am able to pump about 5 bottles (average 5oz. each) of bresast milk daily. During my confinement, I was able to express about 11oz. Moreover, I recovered fast from my delivery and feel more energetic. Even my friends in the confinement center are amazed with my health condition especially after deliver. I want to take this opportunity to gratify my appreciation to Master Wong Sook Pin and thanks to Shaklee for giving us such premium products. 


Moreover, 95% of my customers are Chinese!! And most of them are working mothers and successful breastfeeding their babies too. Salute soldier babe!

Here is another successful testimonial from mommy May Loh who has been taking breastfeeding SET 3M. 

This clearly prove that we, Chinese mommies are aware of the benefits of breastfeeding for mothers and our babies (bunyi macam debat pulak! hehe). Hopefully we can educate more Chinese new mommies out there! Ciayu! Ciayu! 

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