Wednesday, 26 December 2012

Badan Semakin Langsing & Susu Bertambah Banyak Dengan ESP + Alfalfa!

Woot Woot Woot! 5 Days to go to end 2012! Praises to All-Mighty! Great life with family and good business from home with Shaklee. Hopefully next year will get more good fortunes and lots of blessing! 

Last week, i've wrote on Testimonial taking ESP, so today i'm sharing with great testimonials from my customers aka friends who have been taking Energizing Soy Protein and Alfalfa. ESP and Alfalfa not only act as milk booster, it also help to reduce water retention and help mother to feel full after taking ESP hence reduce weight. 

Here are their testimonials :

Testimonial 1 : After taking Alfalfa + ESP, Ms. Carolyn Wong's milk supply has increased immediately from 2oz to 4oz every 3 hour daily. Not only her milk increased but ESP also help to make her skin look more radiant

This is her supply BEFORE taking supplement Shaklee : Only 1.5oz to 2oz 3 hour daily. 

and AFTER taking supplement Shaklee : Her milk has increased max 7oz per pump! Good Job Mommy Carolyn Wong!

Testimonial 2 : Pn.Lyna Dirnt has become slimmer with Alfalfa + ESP and her baby love breastfeeding now! 

Testimonial 3 : Alhamdulillah, milk supply increased and No more Formula Milk for baby Ms. Nafisah! 

Congratulations to them! Please be reminded that they have consistently doing pumping every 2-3 hour daily, taking 3-4 liter water daily and consuming supplement on right time to achieve success ya! 

** Credit & Special Thanks to Ms.Carolyn Wong, Nafisah Vita-Health and Lyna Dirnt.

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