Wednesday, 12 December 2012

A Single Picture With A Thousand Words..

Having a Down Syndrome and Cleft Palate child make our life more beautiful..

I must always be strong and keep on moving. I believe in MIRACLE and Rayhan is a Miracle Child to us. 

I always say these to myself that : 
"Nothing is impossible in this world! 
If you think u can, then u can, 
If you think you can't then u can't " 

Here are some inspirational pictures that make me stronger everyday... 

  • She has no arms but she still can solve problem in class!

Inspiring: Mary Gannon, a science teacher who was born without arms, teaches students using her feet

  • No arms, no legs? No excuses -Amputee to climb Kilimanjaro

  • New mom with NO LEGS and One ARM ~ Not Stopping her from taking care of her baby

  • A mom  without arms can still feed her baby!

  • Oscar Pistorius has no legs; yet he is an Olympic sprinter

 May these pictures help to keep u and I motivated everyday! 


  1. Rayhan is going to grow up just fine with such amazing parents he has! Keep the faith, insya Allah!

    1. InsyaAllah.. May Allah bless him alwis. Thanks for ur kind words dear Tia! hugs hugs to u too


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