Sunday, 18 November 2012

My Journey of Breastfeeding Down Syndrome and Cleft Palate Baby ~ Rayhan's 6 month Birthday

Praises to All-Mighty! Today was an awesome day because today is baby Rayhan's six month birthday! Happy Birthday dear Rayhan! 

Time really does fly. I hardly believe it’s already been six months since Allah blessed us with this cute little Down Syndrome and cleft palate boy.  I would definitely say that i'm enjoying breastfeeding Rayhan exclusively for the past six months! Alhamdulillah! 

There is nothing my husband and I could say other than being thankful to Allah s.w.t for taking care of our little Rayhan. We are looking forward for his six month child exam and hopefully we get to to do CBC test (complete blood count) again to confirm if there is anything we should fear of such as Leukemia! (FYI – Children born with Down Syndrome are at a higher risk of developing leukemia than “typical” children; therefore they must have a CBC test on a regular basis the first few years of their life.)
Rayhan still has to go for numbers of tests and appointments such as  vision and hearing tests and many occupational therapist every month. Sound a lot of hard work for this little guy! 
Other than that, he is putting on weight well too, Alhamdulillah (ever since i've been taking Energizing Soy Protein which is such a big help in making my breast milk less diluted). Remembering back the day where he struggled to gain weight really make me shed tears. Now he is a healthy six month old boy at 6.1kg! I think Rayhan is doing incredible in his head control, another thankful to Allah! We are still looking forward to bring him to any private sector for his early intervention. 
Finally we ended the day with a huge milestone – Rayhan being able to eat his first solid meal!  I was eager to make his first solid ~ Kurma + Badam + Kismis. However due unavoidable circumstances, Rayhan ended up eating cereal mixed with my breastmilk for his first solid food! And it wasn't easy as i thought as Rayhan kept pushing out his cereal with his protruding tongue (one of Down Syndrome's characteristic). He didn't finish his bowl because he started crying and grabbed the spoon. I think he was impatient with my slow motion and extra careful feeding! Well, guess we have to try again today. Anyway, we are so thankful for today and everyday!
Thank You For Your Prayers!
Every since giving birth to Rayhan, my family and friends have been praying hard for his  health. My husband and I are both overwhelmed with the support and response we have had through our facebook and blog. We also hope that with this blog about our little awesome Rayhan can tell the world that having a child with Down Syndrome is OK! Trust me.. Now, i'm so happy and thankful for given a chance to taken care an angel child like Rayhan. 
One of the reasons i started writing this blog was to encourage new parents  an inside look at family raising a child with Down Syndrome and Cleft Palate. It is not a smooth journey but have faith in God. If you know Rayhan, you will definitely fall in love with his EXTRA CELLS! :)
Thank you for being a part of our journey, please feel free to tell me about your awesome journey raising your baby in the comments below. 
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  1. You are so brave and really touching reading this post. I heard from a friend of mine, her niece was 4-months pregnant and was diagnosed to carry a Down Syndrome baby, the couple decided to terminate her pregnancy. I was so sad when she told me abt it. Its not an easy decision to give birth to special baby and don't mention about the process of raising him too. So proud of you and little Rayhan.

    1. Hi dear Esley Chin, Thank you for ur kind words. I'm sad to hear about ur fren's nice wanting to abort her bby. That's d reason why we should raise more awareness that having a DS child is OK! Yes, it is not easy in d beginning, but trust me with modern technologies now days, we can help DS child in various field. Perhaps, she can join my blog too. :) I love being Rayhan's mummy and we wont trade his Xtra Cell for anything else. Thank you again for sharing with me. Hope to hear from ur neice too. :)

    2. Sorry Esley Chin , I was referring to your friend's niece instead ya. :) by d way, have u click LIKE n join us at my fanpage : tq. keep sharing ya


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