Tuesday, 25 December 2012

A Letter To Our Down Syndrome & Cleft Palate Son


Dearest Rayhan,
Another 5 days to end year 2012. I'm looking at you sleeping beside me telling myself how time really does fly! Although you are only 7 months old and I already having such a great time with you. Your brother, Rayyan are so super adore you now. He hardly sleeps without touching your cute little face. We hope both of you will get along and stay closed to each other through thick and thin. 
Now you are 7 months old but you still not able to take any solid food yet. It's OK darling. Time will come. Mummy will breastfeed you and keep you full all the time. It's OK that you still can't reach out toys or crawl like any other normal baby at this age. Time will come my dear.. just a little hard work.
I  shed tears in joy every time I watching you putting extra hard work just to reach out your hands.. I shed tears with smile when I see you struggling hard to move your arms and legs to the front just to get a single move. I shed tears in joy seeing you laying on the rubber ball and sitting on the bamboo chair for just 30 minits of Therapy with patience. Thank you dear Rayhan.. You are already making us SUPER PROUD of you now! 

Nevertheless, this year you did achieved success. You managed to drink 5oz just in 15minute compared to 2oz in 1 hour when you were born. You successfully roll over when you are only 4 months old and you also can sit with support at 6months old. Such a huge accomplishment! Alhamdulillah! Praises to All-Mighty!

Every day at 5am, I was awake by you with a big smile and putting you back on the crib after feeding and you will fall a sleep on your own without any fuss. You are such a good child! It’s seriously amazing for having you with us this year and hopefully many years to come. 
As you've grown older, your smile and laughter has lighten up our hearts. We just can't get enough of your smile! They way you look at me with your lovely almond eyes, cute reddish long protruding tongue! So cute! Subhanallah.. It feel like having a chocolate melting in your mouth.. so sweet, soft and calm and peaceful.. (so much of imagination huh?!) We LOVE watching every minute of you. 
My dear Rayhan, I still remember how scared we were when we found out you were born with Down Syndrome and Cleft Palate. We fear that you may have serious illness and will not be like any other normal babies. Alhamdulillah, none of those fears came true. Now we know that you are just like a other cute and angelic normal child. Even better with Extra Cells
Rayhan, sometimes or maybe most of the time I will be thinking if I have given you enough love as much as you've given us? We are working hard to get the best toy, best therapy and better home for you. Every single cents we earn is just for you and your brother. We hope you have a wonderful and beautiful moment with us too. 
Rayhan, watching you remind us the great Creation of God. You are such an beautiful, uniqe and so full of joy that make everyone besides you smile. We love you dearly baby.
You make us so Super Proud of you. And thank you for coming to our life. May we have a wonderful moment every second. May everyday be better than yesterday. No words can describe our love to you. Just wanna let you know that "You are so PERFECT!" 

**Pleas help us to click LIKESHARE to other parents that Down Syndrome is OK and it is NOT an Illness. 
**Please help us click LIKESHARE to other parents-to-be that Do Not Abort Down Syndrome Baby.. They are 'ticket' to heaven for us.. 
Thank You. 

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  1. terima kasih atas surat ini..menitik air mata saya membacanya..semoga Allah memberkati puan sekeluarga


    1. asSalam Ummu Hizqil Al-Fateh. Terima kasih atas doa sis. Semoga sis & family juga sentiasa diberkati Allah.

  2. :'( same feeling bout my DS bby (nur ain nasuha)2...

    1. Assalam sis Nur Arlia. Congratulation for having a DS child too. They are such a cuties! How old is ur DS bby? Where are you from. Come and share with me ur experience of taking care of DS chid. She must be an awesome one!

  3. may Allah bless u dear...even though saya x kenal awak..tp i'm really sure u're a strong mom..sayunye baca entry nih..especially my kids pon sebaya dgn both of your kids..kuatnya awak..semoga diberikan kekuatan..and semoga baby rayhan kuat juga..

    1. Assalam dear sis, thank u for ur kind words! Im sure u're one great mom too! hugs to both ur kids ya. keep in touch!


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